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About DEP

    Company Profile

        Founded in 1994 in Bangkok Thailand, DEP Engineering Company Limited is a leading electrical material distributor. Covering the whole Thailand, DEP Engineering is supplying a full range of electrical products and specialized solutions. With more than 20 years of experience, DEP Engineering continues to invest on high quality brands and to expand its offer with the aim to become “La Référence” on the Thai electrical market.

        At its inception, DEP Engineering was promoting and distributing Merlin Gerin Brand of products, one of the first international manufacturers of circuit breakers in the Bangkok area. After the acquisition of Merlin Gerin by Schneider Electric, DEP engineering naturally became the main distributor of the entire Schneider Electric product range till today’s time, including: Merlin Gerin, Square D, Telemecanique, Clipsal now all under the Schneider Electric’s Brand.

        In 2012, DEP Engineering has partnered with Sonepar, the world leading electrical product distributor from France, to further expand its capabilities. This marks an important milestone of the company history. Thanks to Sonepar’s support DEP Engineering has now developed its business structure to reach customers in all areas of Thailand, to fulfill any special requirements from any market segments, and since 2016 offers a full online solution for its customers.

Today DEP Engineer is appointed by :

       Schneider (Thailand) Company Limited as its authorized distributor for Schneider products from France (including the former SQUARE D, TELEMECANIQUE, and MERLIN GERIN products).

        U-Production Company Limited as its exclusive distributor for CLIPSAL conduit products and accessories licensed by CLIPSAL as well as UPC products manufactured by U-Production such as cable trunking system, wireducts, wireways, and lineset cover and fitting system.

        HELUKABEL (Thailand) Company Limited, a leader in wires and cables for industrial uses from Germany, as its authorized distributor for cables, wires, accessories, custom cables, technology for media and for data, network, and bus. HELUKABEL also designed and produced high performance cables such as JZ-500, TRONIC-CY (LiY-CY), H05/07 V-K to meet customer’s requirements.

        MCI-Draka Cable Company Limited, the manufacturer of world-class DRAKA cables and wires products, as its authorized distributor. MCI-Draka Cable has expanded its production base to Thailand to increase its potential in the competitive market. In addition to wires for indoor applications and wires for general purpose, the fire resistant cable is one of DRAKA remarkable products.

        Charoong Thai Wire & Cable Public Company Limited as its authorized distributor for world-class CTW wire and cable products. Charoong Thai Wire & Cable is the one of the largest manufacturers in cable and wire industry in Thailand. CTW products include wires for indoor applications, wires for general purpose, and high voltage power cables.

        Havell Sylvania (Thailand) Company Limited as its authorized distributor. Havell Sylvania has been the producer of SYLVANIA lighting products for more than 90 years. SYLVANIA products include energy saving light bulb, industrial light bulb, industrial pendant light, and LED products available in reasonable price.

        DELIGHT and SUNNY brands to be the authorized distributor of the emergency lighting system and related products such as exit signs. The products sold under those brands are made by Thai manufacturers and are very popular in emergency lighting market.

    Vision : 

        The Company intends to be the leading electrical device distributor by seeking high quality products for customers, expanding the distribution networks to cover all regions in Thailand, and providing the fast and excellent services for customer’s greatest satisfaction.

    Mission :

        According to the Company’s vision, the Company has selected various kinds of high quality products for customers and provided the professional services to all customers.


     Core Values:


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